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Sampling the Box of Chocolates

You Never Know What You Might Hear

Jared Wright
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Let me preface this by saying that reading a few contributions to the blog will reveal far more about my inner workings than this box ever could. Nonetheless, were I browsing around, this would be one of the first places I'd look, so I'll hit the high points. I am amidst my fourth year at Butler University in Indianapolis. I am studying computer science in school and music out of it and weighing the possibility of adding further credentials to my resumé. That said, my ultimate aspiration is to be a performer in the music industry who conceives new operating systems in his spare time. I am a multiinstrumentalist, but my true home is behind a drum kit. I am a flexible programmer, but my true home is in C++.

Music and computers are seemingly the lion's hsare of who I am, but there are plenty more layers to be explored. I have a fanatical love of sports, especially when my favored college and professional teams are involved. I enjoy observing and discussing matters of public policy and am disappointed if a certain amount of reading hasn't been accomplished in a given period of time. I'm a competitive sort of chap who wishes he'd have stayed on top of his athletic condition a little more in high school when he was playing sports every season except summer. I like comedy with intelligence (South Park) but not so much intelligent comedy (The U.S. government, pending President Elect Obama's upcoming inauguration).

Since birth, I have had very little vision. So little, as a matter of fact, that it's useless. I can tell you colors and very rough shadows, but reading print of any size is out of the question. I utilize screen reading technology, read Braille, and am faithfully assisted and accompliced by Kerry, my yellow lab/golden retriever dog guide. (And if you aren't sure, he's a he.) The one goal I hold in the highest regard is making my blindness only one aspect, and not even the most important aspect, of my life's story. I've never accepted it as a reason for not accomplishing anything and consider overcoming its nuisances not only important but mandatory.