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The Gaterhing Storm
Jared & Kerry
I finished up The Gathering Storm yesterday. I'm happy to report it is everything I wanted it to be. There is a little trepidation when approaching the first work of a series that's not written by its original author. There've been far too many science fiction tragedies spawned from people taking up the mantle who are not fit to do so.

Whether it's a sensitivity to his writing nuances or the quality of the notes Robert Jordan left behind, Brandon Sanderson does a swell job of getting the series headed back towards an end. The quality of the writing got back on track quite a lot with Knife of Dreams, but Jordan wasn't so far removed from his plodding, unwieldy storytelling of books seven through ten. Sanderson writes with an efficient confidence that actually serves the series well as it races towards the final confrontation.

Of course, Brandon Sanderson is not Robert Jordan, and it'd be a disservice and a misrepresentation of both Sanderson's work and jordan's lasting memory to call SAnderson a mere ghostwriter and caretaker for the notes Jordan left behind. The twelfth book of The Wheel of Time is written by someone differen than the first eleven, and nothing will change that. But I think Sanderson did far too well for readers to cast this aside as a well-developed fanfiction project. One bard's voice gave out, and another must take up the tale. Hardly something to make a tale not worth hearing, especially when Sanderson's prose is as musical as it is and his handle on Jordan's characters so believable.

Up next, in an entry from the curve ball department, is The Pact.


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